Free software performance/reliability rating

  1 year ago
  Under review

Establish a free software performance/reliability rating. For example, Firefox 73.0.1 is a 100% functional browser that performs all the declared functions; Scribus version 1.4.6. (the latest version distributed in Linux Mint) is 60% functional, since importing vector graphics does not function as stated. The Linux kernel runs at 100% and so on for all distributed programs.
This will help identify those Free software developers who are working in favor of proprietary software development companies by placing non-working programs in distributions.
As a result, this will definitely increase the reliability and performance of free software in comparison with proprietary and change the balance of software popularity.

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linuxer 1 year ago

Thank you, avdr2! Soon after I posted this idea, I installed Scribus 1.5.5, it works great.

avdr2 1 year ago

A built-in link like this in the software dispatcher could be of use.
A remark about version and year is already taken care of.

remoulder 1 year ago

Linuxmint is a linux distro, not a software developer