Well, I want just to suggest a new logo (logomark) for our beloved Mint

  3 months ago
  Under review

Here the first time I use this Mint department, I just want to suggest a new logo/logomark for Mint, I hope it could be used instead of the old one.. May be for the v20..
I made a post here in the forum > https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&p=1770119#p1770119
The new logo should be like this.. The "L" and the "M" stille there, but hugging in a better way :)

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Yass 3 months ago

@Ephata, Il y a un rallonge dans l'ancien logo que je n'ai jamais aimé. Et puis les logos gardent toujours leur part de mystère où il faut débusquer la signification de chaque trait, et ça fait parti de leur jeu et de leur charme...

Ephata 3 months ago

C'est pas mal, mais je préfère quand même le logo actuel, on reconnait plus facilement le 'L'

Yass 3 months ago

Lol, I figured out later.. and went quick to see.. fortunately, there's no elephant trunk attached to the "M" in Mastodon logo, but a whole elephant thing :)

RoMuu 3 months ago

... hmmm ... it reminds me of Mastodon ; )