Stock Gnome

  1 month ago
  Under review

Hello Team,


Kudos to the work you have done so far to make mint popular among the users, epecially users who are new to the Linux World.

I have been using Linux Mint for the first time and its now over a month using it. I am totally satisfied with the OS.


I was wondering if you guys could come up with a stock Gnome version too, with little or no customisation, as that may attract more users who just want a plain simple OS with minimal bloatware.


Also there should be something like "Restore the OS to factory defaults" or "Factory Reset" wherein all the settings arfe restored with minimal effort. So in case one tends to goof up, he is back on track with that one click. I know that Time Shift is there but that does not covers everything up. I happen to change some settings after which the default icon for mozilla was showing up as a gear icon. And there appeared a second icon of mozilla. I am using LMDE version of Mint.




Mohammad Wasif