Redesigning the Linux Mint website

  1 year ago
  Under review

I'm talking about this website:

I think it would be cool for Linux Mint to update its website. When you look at the sites of other emerging and successful distributions, like Zorin OS ( or Manjaro Linux (, they are very impressive! These sites have qualities that the Linux Mint site doesn't have:

  • They're really beautiful, in tune with our times.

  • They take the time to explain their distribution, what Linux is, and why install it on their PC.

  • They show that their distribution integrates superbly into a PC (Zorin OS even shows an animated video of the distribution on several media, right from the first home page)

  • They are reassuring and welcoming


Je veux parler de ce site internet :

Je pense qu'il serait cool que Linux Mint mette à jour son site Internet. Quand on regarde les sites d'autre distributions qui émerge et qui réussissent, comme Zorin OS ( ou Manjaro Linux (, ils sont très impréssionant! Ces sites ont des qualités que n'a pas le site de Linux Mint :

  • Ils sont vraiment beaux, en phase avec notre époque

  • Ils prennent le temps d'expliquer leur distribution, qu'est-ce que Linux, et pourquoi l'installer sur son PC

  • Ils montrent que leur distribution s'intégre super bien dans un PC (Zorin OS montre même une vidéo annimé de la distribution sur plusieurs supports, et ce dès la première page d'accueil)

  • Ils sont rassurant et accueillant

Latest comments
Dogmaster6 1 year ago

This is definitely one of the best ideas.
There are many people who also came up with the same idea, but not before you (so far).

linuxmint-is-coool 1 year ago

The Linux Mint website does look a bit dated compared to modern web standards but to be honest I think the look of the website is quite nice. It has a green background that matches the the colour of the mint logo and it is easy to navigate. Instead of a entire redesign perhaps change certain elements of the website.

wisanggeni 1 year ago

Great idea!

I like to be involved when this idea executed.

We should identify what tools the above website are using.

I have some experience with PHP, maybe we want to use Wordpress as an engine?
Also using sass would be great, the code looks elegant.