Use a localization platform for translating Spices

  1 year ago
  Under review

As of now, it seems all translations for Spices happen by manually editing .po files and making pull requests on GitHub. This results in the slow development of localization and inconsistencies.

For this, I believe another interface is needed:

* First, it should not require programming knowledge/using Github. For people such as me, having to use GitHub is not a problem, but there is no reason to assume there are a lot of talented translators who don't really want to learn its workflow.

* Then, another thing that would help immensely is a glossary or a set of guidelines. I expect it to be the same in French with tu/vous, but my native language has separate formal/informal registers and it would help if one was picked, to avoid inconsistency. Obviously, this choice is only one of many that a set of guidelines would set in stone.

I know of a localization platform that does this, it's called Transifex. Their website also lists Arch Linux, Fedora, Firefox and OpenSUSE as clients. There is also Crowdin, but I'm not that familiar with it. The reason I didn't mention Launchpad is that I assumed it's only meant for translating the OS, and if spices qualified for that, they would have been added there already.