Backup and Shut Down icon

  3 months ago
  Under review

I heard a great idea today. The best for a long time.

When you press shut down the computer, a menu appears where you can choose to shut down, reboot, hibernate ...
Added a new "backup & shutdown" icon here. This is the optimal location for the backup function. The user if he wants to leave the machine to make a backup and the machine will shut down after that. Backup run by the user "free time".

To my knowledge, no one has this type yet.


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kujansuu 2 months ago

My point is that clicking backup and shutdown is something a person would do because it doesn’t cost his time.
I wonder why my idea is -3, but I'm new here. Maybe I figured out why later.

overlisted 3 months ago

Can button like this be just added into timeshift?

Mpc46 3 months ago

To be honest, I don't see the majority of people using that feature, but hey, doesnt mean you wouldn't needed, you can do something similar, creating an entry on the menu editor with the command

"sudo timeshift --create --verbose && systemctl poweroff"

make sure it runs as terminal, then you in theory could click on that icon and perform a backup and then after it's done it would shutdown the pc