Auto-mount all available partitions on login/boot

  1 year ago
  Under review

The only hack I had to do with Linux Mint was to add my main data drive to automatically mount on boot/login.  For some reason Linux picked up my external 64GB flash drive, but wouldn't auto-mount my primary NTFS data partition.  I need this drive auto-mounted to support Steam and my game library which is located on that partition.

Mac and Windows both auto-mount all available drives/partitions on boot, why wouldn't Linux Mint?

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Mik3e4 1 year ago

I identified extra partitions during install and they are now auto-mounted. Perhaps all that is needed is a hint or instruction.

slicktak 1 year ago

This can be accomplished with fstab. You are running Linux - get used to using command-line to be successful. If you need a GUI, fork a repo and make one.

remoulder 1 year ago

Please use the forums for support issues

vgstef 1 year ago

Yeah! Or at least give us the choice somewhere to easily decide which partitions to automount or not.