Allow *retracting* likes from Spices on

  1 year ago
  Under review

Right now, when you give a star/like to a spice on (see below), it is permanent. You can't retract it by clicking again. It would be useful if the stars were not permanent. Users might click them by accident, or find that the spice is broken one day. Or, more frequently, may want to retract the like when the spice is not maintained anymore. This would also prevent/remedy the problem of very old unmaintained spices showing in the "most popular" list (though most of the time, having lots of stars/support leads to the app staying up to date).


+ Additionally, it would be nice if the user could see all the apps they've starred on their own profile (there doesn't seem to be a profile on the website itself though, clicking on the picture in the top right just leads to the GitHub profile).