Date and time stamps for ideas and comments

  9 years ago

The title says it all. It would be nice to see the date and time for each item.
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kazztan0325 8 years ago

It seems there are not Date and time stamps yet, though there are records of progress of time '** seconds ago' '** minutes ago' '** hours ago' '** days ago' '** months ago' '1 year ago'...
Many Members think that's OK??

Alexio 9 years ago

It can be implemented using the Swatch Internet time option in PHP - or using a script for this purpose -

Alexio 9 years ago

The Internet Time has no time zones or daylight saving time adjustments as described at

clem 9 years ago

Good idea, I just need to be careful with timezones and all. But it will get done.

ravage_ 9 years ago

I agree. Users will need to know whether items are outdated or not.