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  1 year ago
  Under review

Palemoon es un navegador basado en firefox, es un exelente navegador que puede trabajar desde 32 bits, es muy util cuando se actualiza firefox, ya que se pueden ver las instrucciones desde palemoon.

Su motor es goana, goana es muy eficiente, ya que se puede ver capitulos de anime  con 1GHZ de ram, con algunas trabas, pero se puede, tambien tiene complementos que se eliminaron de firefox.

Por eso seria muy util que agregaran palemoon al gestor de software, ya que en ocasiones firefox quita complementos utiles para los programadores como fire ftp entre otros como sketch (editor para javascript)


Palemoon is a firefox based browser, it is an excellent browser that can work from 32 bits, it is very useful when updating firefox, since the instructions can be seen from palemoon.

Its engine is goana, goana is very efficient, since you can see anime chapters with 1GHZ of ram, with some obstacles, but you can, it also has plugins that were removed from firefox.

So it would be very useful to add palemoon to the software manager, since sometimes firefox removes useful plugins for programmers such as fire ftp, among others, such as sketch (editor for javascript)

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Brandon_Baez_1996 1 year ago

Thanks for answering my idea, I have seen that there are many programs that need to be updated, and others that do not work or that their improved versions are on the github page or on their official page

remoulder 1 year ago

Linuxmint uses the Ubuntu and Debian repositories for application software, it is up to the maintainers of those repos which packages are maintained. This is a support issue, please use the forums

Ephata 1 year ago

Oui... et énormément de logiciels mériteraient aussi d'être rajouté à MintInstall : Brave, Opera... Mais aussi FreeOffice, OpenOffice... Et tant d'autres...!
Mais le temps que les développeurs de Linux Mint comprennent nos revendications, on sera déjà tous entérrés!