Linux Mint Antivirus (or at least come with one)

  3 months ago
  Under review

Edit: Some people are saying that my reasoning is only because of my personal opinion, so here's some fact.

Fact: The more people that switch to linux, the more people that will possibly get viruses, and the more viruses developed for linux mint, giving more need for an antivirus installed on the system.

Seeing as it's unecesary to code an antivirus, I'm just asking that they include clamav and clamtk, or any other form of antivirus to help as new users will have a hard time getting an antivirus if they don't know about clamav or clamtk. It's also easier as both are open source, just like linux mint. This is necesary if we want to get more people on linux mint, as nobody wants to deal with viruses.

You can bash me in the comments if you want, but this is not opinion, this is fact. There may be a stereotype going around about how linux "doesn't get viruses" but most of us know this to be false, so why not include some defense?

Old suggestion (don't read):

Sadly, linux doesn't have that many great antivirus solutions, most are either terminal-based, or can't easliy be installed in debian versions of linux, linux mint should either have it's own antivirus or at least come with one in installation, instead of having to try and figure out what antiviruses are available (very little are).

This would take time if you just coded an antivirus, but it would be a great move for the future of linux mint.


I recentlty switched from windows and found that this was the only major problem other than compatibility with other software, but that's gonna get solved, very soon.

Anyway, I hope you consider my suggestion, that's all from me.



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PhiX 3 months ago

Linux doesn't need Antivirus software.

Dogmaster6 4 months ago

You do realize that as more people switch to linux, the more people who are at risk and the more malicious applications being developed for linux, this is not my opinion, this is fact. Linux mint needs to at least come with an antivirus so that people can be safe.
Windows has windows Defender. Why can't we have something simple to use?

remoulder 4 months ago

Linuxmint is not an application software developer and in any case your personal opinions are not a valid reason. Please ask for support in the forums before posting here.