I know that Linux Mint upgrades every 6 months.

  1 month ago
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Since 19.3 is good for 2023....Why not use it til then and update it.

Why move to 20.....You say it is stable for the upgrade.....But it is not....I wiped out my coding and binary short cuts on my desktop....Which were being used for text to speach....I soon realized I had to return to 19.3 a system that worked....so why not make it good for 2025 instead of Mate 20...

Which is very Unstable....I have been using Linux Mint a very long time...And I have tried others....Like: Parrot Home Editon 4.8 which I like very much since it deals with debian packages that are more secure that the Ubuntu packages on Linux Mint....I would say get rid of using Ubuntu as a base and go with debian packages for the repository. I love Linux Mint. But it seems now it is being  embedded into Windows 10 and no wonder we are getting malware...Who was the idiot that did this? I want to feel safe with an operating system that states....FREEDOM OF CHOICE....Not to be bound to windows viruses and malware to Linux....I have to keep reconfiguring my system to run right....Linux is open-source not Microcrap source.

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slicktak 2 weeks ago

@Silvermass No one is forcing an upgrade. Here's an idea:

Don't upgrade. Come back in 2025 and download Linux Mint 25.

coitus 1 month ago

Honestly, why stop at 2025? I say 19.3 should have at least 10 years of support. And I've been coding for 60+ years. Back in my day, all you needed was a magnetized needle and a steady hand. :P

Silvermass 1 month ago

Read it again,my Idea was why not make 19.3 be good for 2025 instead of upgrading whatever you name the upgrade for 20 that was my Idea....Because 19.3 is more stable than Upgrading to 20.....But 19.3 is only good for 2023,why not 2025....Before presenting a new upgrade really test it first for bugs.....Programming takes more than 6 months my friend....I know I have been doing it for 26+years...So why would I put this in a personal chat....my Linux friends tell me they are rude in the chatroom's and you never get a straight,just a smart ass answer..This is an Idea that needs fixed.....

remoulder 1 month ago

This is not an idea, please use the chat forum to post your personal opinions