We all know using Wine in LINUX MINT causes a security risk

  1 month ago
  Under review

The firewall is good as long as we do not use Wine 4.0 or any of it.

It opens our ports to Windows problems when we install programs from Microsoft we are vunrable to viruses

and to being hacked and malware and viruses since Clamtk is a joke and never updates half the time...I have run Escan and that is better.

but expensive....Clam now works on Windows also.....Might have to think about getting rid of that in Linux.....Because that just does not seem fair that it works on Windows also....So that means we are getting the virus updates and the viruses also from Windows?.


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slicktak 1 week ago

What in the world is the idea here?

linuxmint-is-coool 4 weeks ago

that's only if you install wine

remoulder 1 month ago

Please use the forums for your personal opinions and support questions, this is a place to post ideas for the improvement of the Linuxmint distros