GRUB editor GUI

  1 month ago
  Under review

I feel like a gui for changing the GRUB theme and splash would be useful, cause the current commands to do so seem very hacky. I searched for one and the only one i could fine was "Grub Customizer", which isn't supported anymore. Maybe it could be integrated into the settings (like the desktop theme settings are)?

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vgstef 6 days ago

@slicktak @remoulder Linux mint develops a lot of software (xaps, mintmenu, warpinator) and improved a lot of aspects of the distribution like the software manager. So developping a GUI for Grub could be a project for Mint Developpers, it is a great idea and it should be considered. We are many users that would like an easy way to customize Grub menu from inside Linux Mint.

slicktak 2 weeks ago

@linuxmint-is-coool @remoulder is correct. The Linux Mint devs are not the GRUB devs. Any issue with GRUB should be directed to GRUB forums.

linuxmint-is-coool 1 month ago

@remoulder "Linuxmint are not the developers"
that's incorrect. Linux mint have programed many software including cinnamon

remoulder 1 month ago

Grub is not part of the desktop environment and Linuxmint are not the developers