Integrate Flatpak updates in the Update Manager

  1 month ago
  Under review

I think that Flatpak updates should be integrated in the Update Manager.
The problem with the default behaviour is that the "mintinstall-update-flatpak" script which run automatically 20 minutes after startup, will ask for sudo password from time to time and the casual user have no idea why, no idea that's it's the flatpak updater which ask this, and no idea which flatpak will be updated.

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Haggen88 3 weeks ago

It's a good idea, at first I thought that doing them directly from mint-install would be easier, but it could be a problem for Software Manager performance. I prefer that it includes the categories as in Flathub rather than as it currently does in a large list, and that Update Manager manages the updates of the app in Flatpak format and the Runtimes. Perhaps Mint Update could also reclaim space by cleaning leftover items from flatpak uninstalls by running: "flatpak uninstall --unused"