Default cache cleaner.

  1 year ago
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Hello linux mint team, I have used your operating system and I really like it, I made a family member use linux mint instead of windows and he also liked it, however I noticed that, it generates a lot of cache memory, if it is used constantly , This is easily fixed with bleach bit, however I would like that linux mint had a cache cleaner by default, some programmers solve it with bleach bit or cleaning swap file, others do it with bin bash, however a normal user is not familiar with concepts like these, that's why it would be easier just to press a button and clear the cache quickly, elementary has it, why don't we

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axisofevil 1 year ago

The swap file/partition is not used as cache storage.
Wiping swap is totally unnecessary and possibly damaging as it is shared by all programs. Swap only gets used when RAM is nearly exhausted.
Use a daily Cron job to fix this as it will run in the background.
find ~/.cache/thumbnails/ -type f -mtime +12 -exec rm {} \;
This will remove from the cache all nemo icons that are older than 12 days.

Mik3e4 1 year ago

I'm not sure that a button is the best implementation but there must be a better way to clean out the accumulated cache, metadata and thumbnail drek. Config files like the logs? And a GUI to make changes.