Better default "show desktop" applet

  2 years ago
  Under review

Please consider switching out the currently default applet "show desktop" for "clean show desktop" in cinnamon. Tiny change, big first impression impact.

I just saw a scrnshot of ubuntu kylin on distrowatch. I recognised the "clean show desktop" in the corner because I'm using it myself, and I realised why is this not a normal default on mint too?
Please consider, I proposed one other default adjustments in the past (in celluloid) without any response. I would be glad for any response.

Kind regards

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Megafrog 1 year ago

I agree with Radim about the Clean Show Desktop. Having the "show desktop" default in the far left is like Windows XP and not having it on the right was shocking when I made the switch from Windows. That would immediately make for a smoother transition for Windows users.

remoulder 2 years ago

This is already available in cinnamon spices if you want to install it, just don't expect everyone else to want the same as a default.