Locale-awareness / don't install unnecessary fonts

  1 week ago
  Under review

By default, Ubuntu installs a TON of fonts, that the vast majority of users will never need. One user may need Nepalese fonts, but they won't need Hebrew fonts, or the other way around.

Having so many fonts creates more than a disk space problem - it clutters the font selection in every application. That makes selecting the font you really want, a mess:




Support for this idea:

* How to delete fonts in ubuntu

* Is there a simple way for uninstalling fonts?

* "If only Ubuntu installation would be location-aware and wouldn't install Nepalese or Gujarati fonts with every installation." - https://askubuntu.com/a/1041011/116961

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dandv 1 week ago

@remoulder - if the OS doesn't know what fonts the user will require, how about asking the user, instead of installing all the possible crap? And I've already posted about this on the forum - https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=339442

Mik3e4 1 week ago

The core of this idea is valid. Way more fonts are installed than needed and they are a burden for the user. There must be a way help the user reduce the headache.

remoulder 1 week ago

This is an ideas are for Linuxmint, not Ubuntu. Linuxmint also has versions based on Debian. Besides that, it is not an idea so much as a rant which would be better in the chat forum. Locale is not an indication of languages that may be utilised, and hence neither Linuxmint or Ubuntu know what fonts a user will require, so aim to provide fully internationalised releases.