Set local time setting control in GUI screen

  1 month ago
  Under review

Set local time setting control in GUI screen.

For example, such a place.

For users in Local time regions




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greengreen 1 month ago

Hi , MrEen
Thank you for your feedback.
This is my counterargument.
1. The meaning of almost item is almost difficult for Newbies to understand, so it cannot be said to this idea item only . Any item must be given an easy-to-understand item name that can be predicted as much as possible.
2. But there are many people with dual boot too in local region users
3. Even if Windows doing it wrong, let's face the current situation where it actually has a large share.

The theory that GUI is unnecessary because command information can be easily obtained on the net impairs the convenience of the desktop environment.
I think it's important to be kind to a large number of Linux Mint users and especially beginners.

MrEen 1 month ago

Hi greengreen,

I doubt this would get implemented for a few reasons:

1. Newbies won't even know what it means
2. People that aren't dual booting (with Windows only) don't need it
3. Windows is the OS doing it wrong

It was the first command I learned when I started using Linux, so the info isn't hard to find for those that need it. And because of the convoluted mess Windows made to change their clock, it was just too easy to do it on Linux instead. I had actually forgotten about this command until your Idea was posted as I recently replaced my Windows partition with two other Linux partitions so I haven't needed to run that in quite a while, and will never need to again. Well, unless I get a new system and decide to keep Windows on it which I doubt will happen.

greengreen 1 month ago

It is a measure to prevent the time difference in dual booting with Windows.
It is a Linux setting regardless of the version and desktop environment, but users would appreciate it if it could be set easily with the GUI.

remoulder 1 month ago

Why? Also, which version, which desktop environment, posts without context are meaningless?