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  3 weeks ago
  Under review

Could you please consider for the next Linux Mint upgrade on the Sound Configuration, in relation to applications:

When opening several firefox browsers, some with Youtubes, one with video call (i.e. Google Hangout Chat), it is rather inconvenience to find which "Firefox" from a list of several applications, all named as "Firefox".

Can you consider something like the title of the browser/tab to show on the Applications list under Sounds Configuration?  That way, I can mute/unmute that particular Firefox application, while keeping the other firefox with sounds on, etc.

Rather than:

Firefox: 100%

Firefox: 100%

Firefox: 100%


Prefer something like this:

Firefox - Google Hangout: 100%

Firefox - Youtube - Queen Bohemien Rhapsody: 100%

Firefox - BBC News: 100%


Not sure if you know what I mean?  If not, let me know and I will try to explain better. 


Thanks so much.




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greengreen 3 weeks ago

Hi MrEen
I admire your kind consideration.
However, I think it's best to refrain from commenting on negative points that would make others hesitate to come up with new ideas.

MrEen 3 weeks ago

This place is for ideas to possibly be included in Mint. If you click on Ideas on the left then look at the Search section, the Status dropdown shows the available statuses you can choose from. You'll notice if you select Implemented then click on Search, you'll see pages of ideas that did get implemented. There is no "This is upstream" status available there.

As Mint doesn't develop PulseAudio the idea can't be implemented, at least at this time.

I like the idea as well! I just didn't want Tim to be holding his breath waiting to see if it gets done.

greengreen 3 weeks ago

I think this is a place to collect new ideas.
It is not a place to discuss the possibility of realization.
I think this idea is also nice.

MrEen 3 weeks ago

Hi Tim,

This is something upstream from Mint. PulseAudio doesn't expose that info in it's sink-input properties, and looking at the release notes for PulseAudio 14, it doesn't look like that's going to change.