Rename files by two mouse clicks

  1 week ago
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I am a former Windows user and have been using Linux Mint in the Cinnamon edition since my switch in 2017. Since my switch, however, I've been missing one, admittedly small, but nevertheless beloved comfort feature. It is about the renaming of file names.

On Windows, you can rename a file you want to rename with two single mouse clicks. It works like this:
- First select the file in the Explorer with a left mouse click.
- A little bit delayed you click again with the left mouse button on the file. This brings you into the edit mode and the file name is highlighted up to the extension abbreviation.
- With the keyboard you can enter a new file name for the highlighted area and confirm with Enter.
- Done.

It would really be a simplification that has become second nature to me in the many Windows years and that I still miss after almost 4 years of Linux use.

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KuJo 1 week ago

The feature has been there all along and was probably implemented before 2016. Via Github I was told that you can set the behavior in the Nemo settings. So the issue has been completely resolved. Sorry for any possible inconvenience.

KuJo 1 week ago

Since it is probably more of a suggestion for Nemo, the suggestion can be closed here. I have started a feature request issue on Github: