Show the reason for the absence of buttons for "Restart" and "Shutdown" in Cinnamon's quit menu

  2 months ago
  Under review


If you select Quit in the Cinnamon menu of Linux Mint 20.1 with Cinnamon Desktop, a dialog normally appears with buttons for "Standby", "Restart", "Cancel", "Shutdown".

Now it happens again and again on various systems that only buttons for "Standby" and "Cancel" are displayed in this dialog. This is a bit annoying if you only want to shut down your system quickly and the corresponding "Shutdown" button is not displayed. However, shutting down via console command works.

After some time and a question in a forum, I found out that the "Restart" and "Shutdown" buttons are disabled during the installation of automatic updates.


A short note in the dialog that automatic updates are being installed and that it would be better not to shut down the system right now would have saved me the time of finding out the cause of this supposed bug or misconfiguration.

Maybe I am not the only user who is surprised or even annoyed by the lack of buttons for "Restart" and "Shutdown".