Increase size of the window-buttons (close, minimize, maximize)

  5 months ago
  Under review

I think it would be a good idea to increase size of the window-buttons (close, minimize, maximize) just a little bit (maybe 1 mm).
If I want to close, minimize or maximize a window, I have to slow dowm my mouse to hit a button precisely.'

Or maybe there could be a function to change it by ourselfes with an easy "mouse-click".

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greengreen 4 months ago

I feel the same way.
There was a notice of improvement here on the official blog, but I don't feel that there was a change in 20.1.
> A small improvement was made in the Mint-Y theme. The titlebar buttons are still the same size but their clickable region will be enlarged in Linux Mint 20.1.

CubiX 5 months ago

This is not a support-request. I like the standard theme but I only want to give this idea to have a little bit bigger Buttons.

remoulder 5 months ago

Support is given in the forums not here, but try changing your theme