GUI for systemwide proxy

  1 month ago
  Under review

As a relatively new user I was amazed to see just how easy everything in LM 20.1 works - coming from Windows I was very pleasantly surprised! The system really keeps its promise to be beginner-friendly!

Having said that, I should add: that was before I got a new job at a school where I have to connect to the internet via a proxy server. Under Windows, that was relatively easy, and I did not expect that to be any different in LM - I was wrong. When I switched the proxy on in network settings it seemed to work fine at first - then I noticed that that was only true for internet browsing. Basically everything else that needs an internet connection (WebDAV drives, MS Teams, OnlyOffice Desktop Editors, Software Center ...) refuses to work.

I imagine this to be quite a common problem - and yet the solution to it seems to involve lots of command lines, skripts etc. - all the things that will deter any beginner with absolute certainty.

I also read that Ubuntu has an "apply systemwide" button in its proxy settings - although I am not entirely sure whether that is the solution I am looking for. However, as there seem to be things that can be done to ensure that at least most things work with a proxy (editing a file called bashrc, using a tool like proxychain etc. - I have not tried those yet, but I will probably have to) - shouldn't it be possible to let a the settings GUI do them for beginners? And, as I use my computer both at home and at school, shouldn't there be an easy (GUI-based) way to switch settings on and off, maybe even through Wi-Fi detection?

To me, this would be the final step to make LM a full Windows alternative.