Native NVIDIA Linux Mint Version

  3 months ago
  Under review

Hi, thanks in advance, first of all, the latest Mint 20.2 make my NVIDIA life easier, thaks mint team.


The Point:

I think, most power users do use dedicated GPUs, Linux MInt is an awesome but under dog Distro, all reviews take Mint as a "Begginers" Distro, in my mind, those days are gone, Mint is a BIG, EFFCIENT and STABLE distro as any of the so called "pro" Linux distros.

Maybe some good Marketing pointing out loud the part of "Mint is NVIDIA or GPU Friendly" or a dedicated MintNvidia/AMD/GPU.iso version could give Mint wayyyyy more users and attention than today.

Many intro user really suffer the linux aproach due to GPU install or use bad experiences.


Thanks for reading, just an idea, I like to read your anwers.

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CubiX 3 months ago

Options could be Ideas aswell

remoulder 3 months ago

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