Window state per workspace for "always visible on workspace" windows

  1 month ago
  Under review

Lately, I have been using workspaces more and more.

A window can be on every workspace by setting "always visible on workspace" but sometimes you want that window in a different state.

It would be great if some or all of these could be workspace indepedent:

  • Minimized or unminimized

  • Location of window

  • Size of window

This would make the workspace concept even more flexible.

Typical use cases are applications like Simplenote, Telegram, Slack, Bitwarden and Terminal. Every workspace is for a different work flow like "private", "work" or "projects". I keep moving windows around like Telegram because they're in the wrong spot for that particular workflow.

I understand this can be a tricky feature to get right from UX perspective. Maybe try with minimized and unminimized state per workspace?