Sort ideas by date, not by most voted

  12 years ago

Since the ideas that have received more attention (more votes) appear first at the "ideas" page, they tend to keep first in list and continue there, preventing the bottom-most (and not necessarily worst) ideas to be seen by the casual or hurried or lazy visitor.

I think, at least from the front-end, that the users must see the ideas in a somewhat unbiased fashion, since only for the site admin the amound of votes would matter in the end (in order to prioritize implementation)
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Diego9000 12 years ago

Yeah, sort by date not by most voted!!

clem 13 years ago

Marked as implemented since you can now sort by "Latest" and it remembers your choice.

morfus 13 years ago

Make it sortable for different parameters.
(date, name, most hits, most promotes)

Reves-Yosoy 13 years ago

Agree with "egabrum", there should be one list by popularity and one by date.

RayWoods 13 years ago

As the list grows longer and longer good new ideas may get lost with the dross and overlooked for promotion by the community.

egabrum 13 years ago

by popularity AND by date. +1