Auto Switching Day to Night Mode triggerd by Time/Location (Theme/Icons, Wallpaper, Nightlight)

  1 month ago
  Under review

It would be great to implement an "Auto Switching Day/Night Mode" depending on the time of the day into the theme/general settings.

Main functions could be

  • Switching Theme/Icons

  • Switching Wallpaper

  • Swithcing Redlight Amount

On gnome there is an extension (Night-theme-swithcer) for the first 2 functions.

Maybe Automathemely could be forked or implemented, since it doesn't work on Cinammon anymore.

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asandikci 6 days ago

@Haggen88 But I think this feature must be in Mint as default settings

Haggen88 2 weeks ago

There is an appLet that does that: Dark Mode