Display filename of current background image in use

  1 month ago
  Under review

This is a feature of the Variety 0.8.3 software package, which provides an automatic wallpaper changer, downloader and manager.

If you click on the Variety icon in the System Tray, it will display several options - one of which is the filename of the current wallpaper in use.

I have a collection of 2,300 high-resolution wallpapers, and from time to time I will tire of one and wish to delete it ... only to be unable to remember the file name (I'm an older man whose memory is becoming near-line in nature).

Perhaps for Linux Mint, if you right-clicked on an empty area of the Desktop, it would be nice if one of the options/displays could be the filename of the current wallpaper in use.  It would be a nice touch, and (hopefully) would not be a complex change to make.

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remoulder 1 month ago

Linux could have one of many desktop environments, only one of which is developed by Linuxmint. If you just want to get the name, use "gsettings list-recursively | grep background" in a command prompt or write a script to do it.