LMDE 5 (edge)

  3 weeks ago
  Under review

It would be great if there was also an edge version of LMDE 5 just like linux mint 20.3 (edge) I bougt a new laptop and only with the live-USB of LM 20.3 (edge) it is possible to connect to the internet, because my laptop only has wifi. It works also with all Ubuntu 22.04 variants.

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Fantast 1 week ago

@ Acheron: thanks for the advice but i think LMDE is hopeless for my laptop because after installation it still asks to install an operating system and when i check with gparted from the Live USB it is installed. I don't know if this is also the case with Debian, MX linux works but the wifi is not optimal.
My laptop has uefi and does not have the option to switch to legacy (old-fashioned bios).

Acheron 3 weeks ago

You could always download the .deb packages for kernel 5.18/bullseye-backports, copy them to a USB and then install on the laptop as a work-around.