Bigger Min/Max/Close buttons

  3 weeks ago
  Under review

The Minimise/Maximise/Close buttons on windows are a bit small for those of us with imperfect eyesight. Would be nice to have an option to make them 50% and 100% larger. This was previously possible using smurphos' Big Buttons but it seems that won't work now that LM21 uses GTK for all windows.

Sample comparison image here:

Standard buttons versus double-size

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tonywhelan 2 weeks ago

I would create a css file for this if I knew how GTK themes worked but I have no idea where to start. The gtk.css files in the various Mint-Y themes found in /usr/share/themes/ are over 4000 lines long, so its like a needle in a haystack to me. This idea has been raised in a couple of forum posts (one by me) so hopefully someone will come up with a clean workaround eventually. I would not be inclined to move from LM20.3 to LM21 until there is a solution.

remoulder 3 weeks ago

GTK window csd icons are dependent on the icon theme in use, screen resolution, fractional scaling, etc. You can also use accessibility options to help, create your own css for gtk apps specifying minimum sizes, and there may be extensions that do this, but this whole topic is a forum discussion.