Add links between Mint websites

  2 weeks ago
  Under review

On the Mint blog website (, it would be nice to have a list in the left side bar with links to the other Mint websites (official, community, forum, etc).

And here too, in the community, the left menu should include a links to the forum and the blog.

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kvnbllx 22 hours ago

Definitely a good idea! Would help users navigate easily and would help for SEO as well. Win-win!

vgstef 1 week ago

@Busdriver12, yeah, I totally agree! But here for example, there is already a section on the left sidebar called "Community", it only lacks the links to the blog and the forum.

Yes, bookmarking if a great idea. But for newcomers, they don't know the websites yet, so they can't bookmark them.

busdriver12 2 weeks ago

That would be helpful as long as it doesn't clutter the interface. This is why I bookmark everything of use to me in my browser.