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  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

As I am new to Linux Mint, I am constantly on a search for software for different purposes. And in result, I have installed a bunch of software for the same purposes. Some work great and some don't.

It would be great if we can click on install (which also pull in some dependencies), try the software, and uninstall (which also remove the dependencies if it is not needed by others).
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RayWoods 7 years ago

I would have expected the Software Centre to automatically remove dependences when removing packages, just like it does when installing a package and dependences are installed.

It may just be a point of sudo apt-get autoremove and perhaps this should be built into the Software Centre.

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mintystark 8 years ago

Yes, there are other ways to do this, however for newbies and others to be convinced not to use Win, then a nice GUI like Mintinstall is required.

Terminall is not good for newbies and people coming from other OS's.

Package Manager is better, but is still overwhelming with package names that don't make any sense.

So for experienced users it is not necassary, but for new users then I think it is extremely useful.

I do second Dagon on having a setting for it.
I also like the idea of only removing it if no other applications need them.

dagon 8 years ago

A setting like:

[x] Automatically remove dependencies when removing an application.
[x] promoted :)

blueXrider 8 years ago

use "aptitude"

m4daredsun 8 years ago

I am promoting this idea. MintInstall can potentially be an interesting tool, but it needs consistent improvements in my opinion. Exactly like this one.

I know that apt-get autoremove and similar comments can do exactly this. However, a non-experienced Mint user would probably be happy with a "MintInstall Undo Installation"

Ki3rk3gaard 9 years ago

sudo apt-get autoremove

frankeinstein 9 years ago

Alexio is indeed correct sudo apt-get autoremove is my preferred method. mikefreeman is correct and this method is probably easier for those who don't like to use the terminal. remoulder is also correct with his advice to use synaptic package manager. So there are three comments which solve this problem, so probably no need for a "MintInstall Undo Installation".

Alexio 9 years ago

To uninstall unused packages (libraries, other dependencies) just use the terminal and run the command:

sudo apt-get autoremove

After you type the right password, apt scans the list of all installed software, looking for packages that can be removed. It will give you the list of packages that are no longer used and how much disk space it will be freed.

The "autoremove" command is used to remove packages that were automatically installed to satisfy dependencies for some package and that are no longer needed. It is recommended to use this command after each kernel upgrade.

eloyesp 9 years ago

A lot of libraries are kept ever, I posted the idea of Mint Uninstaller, this is a need.

JohanSJA 9 years ago

mikefreeman, thanks for the info. Going to install Ubuntu Tweak in my Linux Mint 9 to try it out now.

mikefreeman 9 years ago

I like this idea, and am promoting it. But just a note: Ubuntu Tweak will clean up your system pretty well, too. If there are libraries or other dependencies that other programs no longer require, it can uninstall them for you.

JohanSJA 9 years ago

Ya, that is the purpose behind this idea actually.

Mdyter 9 years ago

the entire system would be a little cleaner if uninstalling the applications the dependences are removed too, no?

Bunstonious 9 years ago


Rovanion 9 years ago

You have a point, upvote for you dear sir.

JohanSJA 9 years ago

Ya, I am aware of that. But I think MintInstall should be able to do that as well since this is the recommended packages installer for Linux Mint.

remoulder 9 years ago

You can already do this in synaptic package manager