Update the Mint ISO files

  11 years ago

I have today, (Aug 3, 2010), installed Linux Mint 9 on to a friends laptop that had been running Mint 7. The DVD I used had been created from a recently downloaded iso image from the mirror in the UK. Once installed there were over 200 odd updates to install.

Would it be possible to update these images with the current updates say once or twice throughout the six month release cycle? Obviously, this would be longer for the LTS versions.

This would result in a more stable version on install and a more reliable Live CD/DVD experience.

Over the years I have noted that the update activity is greater at the beginning of the current release, then reducing as the release beds in over the release cycle so, hopefully, this activity need not be undertaken too often.
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latinomanz 7 years ago

Update LMDE disk images monthly or every other month to contain all the updates.

fincoder 8 years ago

I installed linux mint kde almost on the day it was released, after the install I had already 300+ updates!! That's way too many.

Mintification 9 years ago

Great idea. Promoting.

French 9 years ago

Good point RayWoods
Create so called point releases in LTS versions to ensure that the LTS version works on newer hardware and doesn't necessary have to download a huge amount of updates when freshly installed.

Thinker 9 years ago


joelz 9 years ago

why was this rejected?

Simeon 9 years ago

Sla┼żem se potpuno.

McLovin 10 years ago

While this would be a good idea, and convenient, the problem is the time it takes just to make the iso images, and the resources required to do so. When a new version is released, we are already a little bit behind Ubuntu, which Mint is based off of, and then we are working ideas for the next release already, and in a 6 month release cycle, there really isn't much time to work on the next release, and make new iso images for the current one.

Larsm1980 10 years ago

Like the idea, Not all has a large connection, it would help those people out a loot.

ivy_s 10 years ago

Yeah, with this one, we will save a lot of time at the installation process.

RavS 10 years ago

Good idea!

blueXrider 10 years ago

Well, lets face it. We are not the only ones that have that problem. I installed SUSE in about 10 minutes then for the next hour it was downloading the updates. Crazy!

I agree it would be nice.

passstab 10 years ago

i agree for lts
but i think a netinstall would be better for normal releases (as the dev have enouph troble with 6 month cycle)

RayWoods 10 years ago

I think, in the case of Long Term Support versions this proposition still stands as the ISO file will be way out of date once they are mothballed. Let's face it Mint 5, from Spring 2008, has just come to the end of its life. (April 25, 2011.)

punkrtekk 10 years ago

Fine idea, but I am not sure if there are resources for that. Priority should always be present/future editions.
+1 if there are volunteers who can do it, so clem's team can focus on developing

Fabulous185 10 years ago

Linux Mint would need more developers to make it happen
Volunteers could do that and submit the ISOS to Clem
for quality control. Am i a volunteer? No, because i wouldn't
know how to deal with the business.

LizardGamer 10 years ago

I think this is a great idea, happened with me!

(250 available updates to download! WTF!?!?!)

Alexio 10 years ago

The second maintenance update to the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release is available as updated Ubuntu 10.04.2 ISO files.

wanda 10 years ago

Das wahre sehr gut.

efthialex 10 years ago

Excellent idea Ray! (y)