Bring back the "Start the installer only" option of LiveCD.

  8 years ago

Was useful. Miss it, really... And not everybody needs a Live session. For day-to-day users, like me, Live sessions are plain useless. I just install.
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superuser0ne 2 years ago

100% Agree.
But with a recommendation to try out Linux first without making any changes to the system.

negora 4 years ago

I agree. In systems with a limited amount of RAM it's a pain to install. Specially if you have a SWAP partition configured previously, because the Live CD uses it and it may be impossible to "umount" it while you're configuring the partitions with the installer. It throws an error and it's impossible to continue. You need to go back and exclude such partition. Then, after the install is done, you've to add the SWAP partition by hand.

Some *buntus still keep the option to launch the installer directly, without running the entire Live CD. I believe that it would be good to have the same option in Linux Mint. Either that or a text version at least.

Because it's focused to experienced users, it could be hidden in the disc menu and be activated through a parameter of the kernel.

stel 6 years ago

Yes. If i simply want to reinstall Linux Mint, there is no need for a Live session.

adoshi 6 years ago

It would be nice...I usually have pretty good idea if I want to have a look at new distro or install it...install option saves time....and resources...

RayWoods 7 years ago

I'm going to mark this as Considered so the Development Team can pass their eye over it again, I must admit I would use it if it were an option.

New > Considered

ppatalas 7 years ago

Great idea. When installing in virtual PCs with small RAM, it will be perfect.

elav 7 years ago


greg84pl 7 years ago

Please bring back it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mank_in 7 years ago

I am promote for this. sometime i just need reinstall mint after bad attempt some non-free package from hardware vendor, example : CrossPlatformUI from my evdo modem, it's cannot remove form synaptic , software manager or apt-get. because my computer is already tested from running linux mint, i didn't need live session. just boot cd and install. But live sesion has been keep in the option, because i sometime tested for myfriend PC/notebook if their computer canrunning linux mint without problem.

mudslinger 7 years ago

even though I chose to promote the idea - I think installing via the liveCD mode is my preferred way - since if I have trouble loading the liveCD - then I will know if I am going to get problems using the installed version. (and if I can't run the LiveCD - then that prevents me from installing it on that machine unless I can find a work-around.)

Since my current main computer seems to hate anything mint10 or newer at the moment - it's at least prevented me from pulling my hair out over dealing with harder problems until I can upgrade or replace my hardware.

blueXrider 7 years ago

OMG! 2 sticks and a stone.

tcc559 8 years ago

it might of dissapeared in lm9 i know for sure that lm10 doesnt have it.

but would be very nice to have it back, not everyone would use it but its nice to have if u wanna start an install without waiting for boot

orionthehunter 8 years ago

I wasn't aware it had disappeared. Assuming this is up to date regarding the current edition it's a valid concern. Or is there some reason for excluding it?

akash211 8 years ago

I also dont like to wait for live session to load.

frankeinstein 8 years ago

Good idea +1 from me, to have the choice would save time on an install.

penguinuser 8 years ago

I agree. I just want to use the CD to install Mint without having to wait for the live desktop to load.

Pappasmurf 8 years ago

I am in full agreement. Not all of us need a live CD.
A choice made preferably before downloading.

Apple 8 years ago

Would speed up install by not having to wait for live CD to load!

bolle 8 years ago

I totally agree!
I already know i love mint ^^

newchieng 8 years ago

Strongly agree.