All versions on one DVD

  9 years ago

Since we're starting to go into DVD-size ISO's now, I think it would be interesting to have, in addition to individual version CD's, a LiveDVD that includes all versions (Gnome, KDE, LXDE, etc.) to choose from at first boot. You can put in one disc, play around with all the versions, then install the one you like best.
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havilla 2 years ago

Podría ser, pero siempre que se conserven las versiones individuales. Francamente no creo que sea muy útil.

Alexio 4 years ago

Some useful links:

fhd_castro 4 years ago

Great idea, I promoted. I was thinking about this a few days ago. Good one.

Amitx86 4 years ago

Creating a Multiboot ISO is easy, I have one too, but downloading a whole 4 gigs os ISO just to install a personal taste of choice is not so good idea

jahid_0903014 6 years ago

should be implemented already.

Qruqs 7 years ago

I'd rather see a DVD with videos presenting the various flavours of Mint that is available.

anandrkris 7 years ago

mikefreeman 8 years ago

@RayWoods, no problem. Completely understood.

RayWoods 8 years ago

I have had a long think over this idea, I even supported it but, we have to think practically. The idea is great for areas of the world where there is established economical broadband however, this is not true for many areas of the world where throughput is restricted, data quantities are restricted and the cost of exceeding preset levels are excessive.

Even if we went ahead with the unified ISO the Development Team would still need to produce the individual ISOs, for those with restricted data connections and I feel it would be unfair of us to demand this additional work from the Team.

I therefore Reject the idea for now. Sorry @mikefreeman.

hithirdwavedust 8 years ago

This would be really nice.

Is it possible to have a display manager within the live boot that allows the user to choose between desktop shells? This would allow the user to log out to try the others without a restart. (Except presumably going between the Ubuntu and straight Debian fork)

This unfortunately would pose a separate issue to be addressed; the guest account would require the ability to log back in from live boot.

crismblog 8 years ago

I like the idea

beever 8 years ago

Restricted to the 32 bit variant and excluding the LMDE's

crhylove 8 years ago

Excellent idea. But leave Gnome 3 Mint 12 off of it!

kahlil88 8 years ago

I definitely think the 32/64-bit variants should be combined. Arch Linux does it this way. I'm too frugal to waste DVDs on 1GB disc images.

fabietto0102 8 years ago

Why not instead creating a mini LM iso that ships without any DE, and when you first boot it you're downloading your favorite DE directly from the repos?

Rob83 8 years ago

That's a good idea. I think OpenSuse does that with Gnome and KDE.

mikefreeman 8 years ago

Great! Thanks, @kip-! Until they release an "official" ISO, this could nicely fill the gap! I will try it out soon!

kip- 8 years ago

Hi all,

I've just wrote small and easy "how to" for this :)

@mikefreeman btw great idea! here you go son:

RavS 9 years ago


ihends 9 years ago

including the 64bits version too..
it also nice if the iso is updated weekly, very helpful for slow connection user like me..