improved welcome screen

  9 years ago

Hi everyone!

first i want to let you know that mint is the best distro in the linux world en it gets every day better and better but as every os it is not perfect.

so here is the idea,

To create a welcome screen with more options to configure your computer. Things like desktop theme and background. Serveral options for desktop icons (for firefox, (and programs frequently used), Visual effect and a options for installing more drivers. Ofcourse, there should be then a button to skip this.

The other part, is a intergrated tour threw the distro, wich i kinda like in windows.

Let's be onest, linux is the os to configure almost everything you want it, so if we can let that come back in mint within a user friendly envirmont it would be great, what do you think?

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RayWoods 7 years ago

I'm going to mark this as Considered. With the new Desktops used by Linux Mint the Manual pdf will need updating and maybe, some sort of presentation on the Welcome Screen may be a good idea...

New > Considered

Sweyn78 7 years ago

I agree with holyguyver's version of this, except about the DVD part; CD's are infinitely cheaper...

bugz 7 years ago

This is low priority from my point of view.

blueXrider 7 years ago

We might consider doing something like this: Kaptan Desktop

blaine00 7 years ago

Let's not be like Windows.

Snookybear 8 years ago

I'm a newbie still on Linux still; I love Mint is is so very cool, appealing, and not a resource hog like Windows. I think that Linux Mint (Debian based 32 bit) is the best thing since my girlfriend. Your idea does make since. That way I can learn more about Linux.

Steampunk-Nick 8 years ago

holyguyver totally has the right idea, I would love to see that idea become a part of Linux Mint

Boringbytes 8 years ago

A brief slide-show, video, or interactive tour would make a good impression, and offer helpful information in an encouraging and user friendly way. However, simply linking to information stored on the Internet makes it useless and frustrating for first time users who don't have their Internet already up and running on the first boot into their new Linux Operating system. I think all the Welcome information, and content MUST be available locally from the user's computer. I agree we can, and should, improve the welcome screen...its a new user's first hello from their beautiful new Linux mint OS.

Angtagapagligt 8 years ago

I don't thing that would be really great. A normal user would be just overcharged with this.
It would be much greater if it would be implemented in the installation.

raiyan1 8 years ago

Pardus has a nice screen during installation which let's you configure themes, icons and wallpapers along with mouse options. I think Linux Mint needs an improved welcome screen.

punkrtekk 8 years ago

I think the best idea is the one holyguyver wrote... +1

orionthehunter 8 years ago

A really polished tour of the distribution would be a fantastic startup screen. What's the possibility of detecting a network connection and then embedding a youtube video if found? If not show a much smaller slide show.

jerrycute 8 years ago


jhpassarelli 8 years ago

Love it!!

tanmays 8 years ago

Well.. to be honest, I never used the welcome screen. I usually turn it off immediately after installation. However an improved welcome screen would be an eye candy and seems like a hell of work for the developers.

thx1138 9 years ago

Looks like a hell of work, but it will encourage first time users to make friend with a new environment by being guided through some first steps without using forums, google or any other external sources.
I like the idea.

mintNewbie 9 years ago

yeah it wolud be nicer as been said by holyguyver.Welcome screen is the first impression that would determine wheteher pos or neg perception on new user.With professional good looking would attract all user instead..

pazuzuthewise 9 years ago

Re: (ikey) and where abouts on the ISO would you fit the welcome video?
Not on the iso, just a link to a webpage with an online video and a slideshow for people with slow connection. On the iso it would be good maybe to include the pdf manual at least, for those that momentarily can't access the internet (modem not recognized etc.)

Monarch 9 years ago

eh if it matters the isadora welcome screen its excellent :D

beyecixramd 9 years ago

The tour, i had a similar idea like this one: making a Slideshow introducing Mint to newcomers, etc