Moderation Button

  11 years ago

Having just spent the last few minutes dealing with spam messages and ideas I think there may be a call for a Moderation button or a simple method to report an incident for moderation.

One thing that has struck me is that all the incidents of spam originate from "members" who have no details in their profile. No country, no Linux Mint Edition, nothing. Perhaps they should be removed? (I suppose there may be a reason to keep your country clear but not Mint edition!)
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RadoslavCap 5 years ago


I agree with Moderation button and disagree about profile information. If someone will fill these information is his/her decision.

GILINUX 7 years ago

Good idea

dagon 9 years ago

There's an obvious need for a way to alert moderators.

RavS 10 years ago

Just do it mates!

blueXrider 10 years ago

This idea repeats in other postings and still has not been implemented. Go figure!

I agree +1

French 10 years ago

Good thinking Raywoods,I also wondered why some members fill in their profile incomplete,very strange indeed

frankeinstein 10 years ago

Totally agree +1. I'm all for security, but the fields to be filled in on the profile page are hardly an intrusion of privacy or a risk to members.

zaenal1234 11 years ago

a good idea.

remoulder 11 years ago

Have suggested this before, but you raise an interesting point which I have raised a separate idea for,