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  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

The Linux Mint Wiki is as of now scarcely used and hardly ever mentioned. Looking into other communities where the wiki is used the wiki is the main source of information used to support users. Distributions such as Archlinux, Debian and Gentoo all have great wikis and they are great for helping oneself out.

So I propose that the Linux Mint Wiki would be incorporated into and also become the one stop for sorted, orderly information about Linux Mint and everything about and around it. Awnsering questions on forums and IRC-channels is a great in it's own way but not closely as persistent as a Wiki.

Ways to incorperate the Wiki into would be to have automaticly generated links to the wikipages about your different hardware parts. And I am very sure that there are many more ways to incorperate the wiki into the system.
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sercamiz 2 years ago

Yes, to find immediately what you need to solve a problem in connection with your hardware would be a plus

mideal 3 years ago

Definitely. We need a Wiki(pedia-like, no "Extrawurst"), at least for promotion reasons.
"But Mint has no Wiki!" is an argument sometimes heard when it comes to the question "Which distro". While the forums *work well* and ubuntuusers and archwiki do *our* work somehow users may have reasonable questions why there is no MintWiki.

dandv 3 years ago

Wherever this community ideas site is hosted, sucks. See

How about we use the GitHub wiki? It supports Markdown, is easy to contribute to, and is never down.

siafulinux 4 years ago

Could also be integrated onto the desktop as a "Get Help" option.

Then it should load into a separate application (not browser) so it looks more like a desktop app? Not entirely necessary but would make it look more integrated and well rounded than simply opening the browser IMHO.

jahid_0903014 5 years ago

Site deleted

Alexio 8 years ago

I just created a new Linux Mint Community Wiki where only registered users can make changes. It is hosted for free by WikiDot and uses a green blog-like template. If you want to contribute to this community wiki you are all welcome!

psyckers 8 years ago

Thats sounds like a nice and robust alternative.

Rovanion 8 years ago

@clem The best way to maintain and keep up to date all the content on this site is to allow for more than one user to edit each piece of content. This will prevent the content from dying when the user becomes inactive.

clem 8 years ago

The wiki as such won't come back. It was replaced by the tutorials module on this website. What we could do though, is this:

- Introduce categories for tutorials
- Have a front page generated from the best tutorials in each category
- Let the user browse these categories

oscar799 8 years ago

Idea put forward for consideration

psyckers 8 years ago

Wouldn't it also be cool if the Linux Mint wiki interacted with the other Linux distro wikis and so have an even wider sense of the Linux community.

blueXrider 8 years ago

Re: Where is the Linux Mint Wiki?

Aging Technogeek wrote:
"The Linux Mint Wiki was locked almost a year ago due to continued vandalism and spamming that rendered it unusable. When the Community Website was opened recently, Clem Lefebvre, the Mint creator and head developer, made the decision to close the Wiki and integrate its functions into the Community site.

The Mint team is very small and all volunteer, so this made more sense than putting extra load on a dev or moderator who was probably doing as much as he/she had time for already.

The site is still in beta status so not all Wiki functions are fully integrated, but quite a few are there. Check it out."

Steampunk-Nick 8 years ago

great idea!

M_onkeyman 8 years ago

I find myself constantly going to the Ubuntu or Debian Wikis for quick help, even though I'm on Mint. A wiki would undoubtedly help with Mint's community aspects and mainstream recognition.

orionthehunter 9 years ago

It might just be me, but I find wiki's easier to navigate than forums.

I'm not discounting the usefulness of a forum, but perhaps we could script sticky'd articles or otherwise generally useful forum articles to be generated as wikipages. Or at least just make it cross reference-able.

Elisa 9 years ago

I don't think LinuxMINT needs a wiki so badly, although Teuca's mentioned wiki URL looks nice but IMHO there is the most important in Mint stuff - the cool and helpful corner where almost all questions are answered... So a newbie needs more to be answered and helped that a VIP design, sparks etc. :lol:
Information, have answered any trouble questions - this is most important IMO...

mikefreeman 9 years ago

Totally agree!

grim 9 years ago

Totally agree! Merging it with the community site would be amazing!

wanda 9 years ago

Linux mint needs a strong wiki ,i like this yes.

wanda 9 years ago

Linux mint needs a strong wiki ,i like this yes.