A software for make all the tasks we do on the Browser.

  10 years ago

My idea is to make an application that can make all we do on the browser, by example:

- Ideas
- Tutorials
- Hardware reviews (with more advanced information detection)
- (Maybe) Software reviews

·Check messages and notifications.
·(Maybe) Chat with our friends or on IRC-Channel

This will be more easy for submissions and we don't will need the browser anymore.

[Sorry, but I have a bad English]
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RayWoods 8 years ago

To undertake a project like this could take up a lot of resources which I don't think we have within the Development Team, especially as a web browser already has this ability to complete the task easily. Sorry...

New > Rejected

Laan 10 years ago

I like more to use the comunity web

ArmandiuxGS 10 years ago

@oco13: "(Maybe) Software reviews"

oco13 10 years ago

I like this. +1

P.S. -- The software reviews are in the Software Manager.

ArmandiuxGS 10 years ago

@heltonbiker, Thank you!

heltonbiker 10 years ago

Let's stop the "sorry about bad English" thing... ;o) Contributions are welcome as soon as they're willing to contribute.