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 Network setup wizard

Created 9 years ago, edited 9 years ago.
Status changed 7 years ago

252 votes

Windows has its network setup wizard, KDE has its Samba and User Sharing configuration applets, Gnome has ...?

Since NM replaced the old network config, there is no simple GUI way to configure local network sharing.

My suggestion is for a simple wizard/gui to allow this to be configured.

A more advanced GUI might also allow the changing of hostname, editing the hosts file, changing workgroup/domain, samba user configuration, etc.


9 months ago

Oh yes! Please! I wish I could network my laptop to my PC (both Linux Mint 18.3). I wish I could network them with the security Linux is legendary for, but networking is gebrish to me.  
3 years ago

So are there plans to add local networking functionality to Mint?  
4 years ago

I must agree!  
5 years ago

intersting - people have been talking about this for several years and stil lthere is no easy way to get to linux mint boxes to talk to each other. Windoes does this flawlessly, just as it plays music through my sound card. There has to be a better way, I really wanted to get out of windows but I guess its just not possible  
5 years ago

Yes - This is a vital update  
6 years ago

Easy networking capability should be top of the list for development. I don't want to have to use Windows ever again.  
6 years ago

Took me about thirty - forty hours, conservative estimate, to connect Linux Mint to my already existing local home network on a reliable basis. and I haven't even begun to figure out the mysteries of the firewall. I even downloaded a GUI or two, didn't help. It's a bear setting up a network in Linux, and I wouldn't recommend Linux for anybody that has more than 1 PC in their household unless they already know Linux networking and have done it before or learned about it from a friend, classroom or book. Why is networking so incredibly complicated in a simple home network scenario, where a user just wants to share files and maybe a printer, and keep the outside world (Internet hackers) out? This will be the scenario for 90% of users with a home network.

It would be nice to have a GUI with a drop-down menu for selecting one of ten common scenarios, and then the GUI sets up everything to support that, and if any changes are needed to support a more complicated scenario, then the advanced user can do it himself.
6 years ago

An excellent idea. Should be a high priority.  
7 years ago

Something for a developer to have a look at.

new -> considered

7 years ago

plese so many hours and days wasted trying to share with my family's pc's  
7 years ago

Oh yes please. I've wasted tens of hours over the last few days on this. The biggest problem for the ignoranti is the Byzantine complexity of all the rules. I suspect I may have rendered a difficult task impossible during my many desperate experiments. Most frustrating is that I can see my 2 pcs on file managers which refuse to do business with them because they are not mounted. And I have no idea how to mount each machine on the other.
For normal work, however, Linux Mint (Debian/Gnome) is great.
For my own sanity I'll have to give up on a LAN.
7 years ago

7 years ago

Good idea!
Must be a two gui: wizard/simple for newbies and advanced for admins.
7 years ago

it's to easy,not so important to write it as an idea  
8 years ago

good, but not enough
8 years ago

How about "Press Alt-F2 and type shares-admin".
8 years ago

A very good idea! Network setup wizard must be in "Control Centre". And I am for more advanced GUI.  
8 years ago

I have found it very strange that I can very, very easily network to a Windows computer using Mint but I can't very easily connect to another Mint computer. I would love to see a streamlined simple approach to networking between two Mint computers. Another thing that confuses me is that AFAIK samba was created to connect Linux to Windows - why do we use samba to connect Mint to Mint?  
8 years ago

Agreed... I haven't seen a way outside the CLI to change the hostname.  
8 years ago

Yes to this, especially Samba configurations. One thing seriously lacking is the mounting of network shares, such as Windoze has the "Map network drive" which is quite a simple entry into /etc/fstab or a script run at startup, but certainly a gui would make this process much easier to manage and more rock-solid, especially for newbies.  
8 years ago

I support the idea. I'm a newcomer to linux (great!!!) and i grew up with dos and windows.  
8 years ago

Very good idea, should be implemented in new Mint control center.  
8 years ago

yes,it's bright idea
I like this idea.
8 years ago

I too like the idea of a easy to use wizard to set up a network.  
8 years ago

Sounds good to me too.  
8 years ago

Network sharing in Gnome is very important to me as well. It should be easy to change the workgroup, the computer name and shares within a simple interface so I vote for this.  
8 years ago

baffle-boy KDE don't need it, gnome does so that is why this idea is brought up  
8 years ago

sure, if it is made available for KDE like most of the existing mint tools.  
8 years ago

I like this idea, Check out my suggestion about easy internet connection sharing. The two combined would be a huge help to new users of linux (or lazy users like me who would really rather not edit a bunch of files in /etc/, Im an ex gentoo user btw ;) )

8 years ago

I like this idea. Sounds like a very usefull tool.  
8 years ago

Network manager now is terrible and buggy. I think it will be better to replace network manager with something like wicd or better. Or improve NM and test it.  
8 years ago

Great idea, think simple, be simple  
8 years ago

Yeah, there isn't any easy way to do a simple workgroup network in Linux as in windows. My grandma can easily setup a network in windows. I promote this idea.  
9 years ago

I would agree on this. I was just looking around for something to do this too. My laptop runs Mint and my desktop runs Win7. I would like an easier way to get my network up and running.  
9 years ago

And it must make easy the configuration of static ip, dhcp, wifi or wired and the dns  
9 years ago

Easy for you, but not for many of the rest of us. We don't have servers, and don't know how to (or maybe don't want to) set one up. Instead we probably have several Windows machines (XP and Vista), one or two of which dual-boot Linux, wired or wireless printers, connected through a router, and just want to share files between all and print, easily, regardless of the OS that happens to be running. I suspect a lot of the difficulty (from within Linux or Windows) is on the Windows side, however.  
9 years ago

What are you talking about?

I have a Mint Server hosting windows shares and a printer.
I can access these shares and the printer from another Mint machine, from an XP machine and from Vista too.

In Mint I just added a bookmark in Nautilus pointing to: smb://myserver and thats it.

What is really peculiar, it is easier for me to access my Windows Network using Linux than it is using Windows. In linux everything can be done the GUI way. In windows I had to write a *.bat script to force the system to use different login for shares and different for the machine itself.

To sum up.
No. We do not need that. Everything already works and is easy regarding network sharing.
9 years ago

Setting up sharing on your wireless home network between mint & windows is a horrible experience & for some reason, I can't get it to save the settings, so everytime I reboot, I have to re-do it all... Talk about a freakin' pain. And if it's a network with a password on it, just shoot yourself in the head...  
9 years ago

This is an upstream bug and should rather be reported at  
9 years ago

Great Idea, I always dream for an easier Network configuration in gnome.  
9 years ago

I would like an easy way to do Samba and NFS, but I agree in general.  
9 years ago

It Should...  
9 years ago

Should this be just Mint - Mint,
OR, Mint to anything ?.
Eg: Giver, only works on Mint - Mint, & on the same network.

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