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 Linux Mint Tablet OS.

Created 7 years ago, edited 7 years ago.
Status changed 6 years ago

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Recently Tablets has gone wild. Android is thought best suited for tablets and lots of them are under development with Android OS. what I see, that Android is good for people who want to use Internet and play movies. Productivity wise I don't see much from it. for large screen tablets a desktop OS tuned for tablet will be more fruitful in terms of productivity. Unity desktop by Ubuntu looks good but not kind of any one like to use whole day long.

If HP can try Windows 7 for Slats. why not Linux Mint community try a Linux Mint Tablet OS.


5 years ago

We might have a Linux Mint Tablet OS maybe 5-10 years from now. To make this a reality, there must be mobile/embedded systems developers in the Linux Mint project.  
5 years ago

A new generation is much more visual-spatial oriented and far less systematic IMHO. Tiles and buttons are how they think. Portable is how they operate. I can't stand the "scategory" tablet interface. Though I love my Mint Mate desktop I think the tidal wave to tablet is unstoppable. Therein lies the future for every consumer OS.  
6 years ago

Currently Linux Mint is concentrating on the desktop and to include a tablet edition would probably blow a gasket in the Development Team. Sorry...

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6 years ago

Ubuntu is working on just that. Mint will probably follow WEB UPD8  
6 years ago

heh - I can imagine playing around with a compiz 3d effect for switching apps by hand...  
6 years ago

If you like a Meego/Android type interface yo can download the Netbook Remix meta package (or individual components ) It installs over A Gnome install (or pulls in most of Gnome on other editions!)
The 10.04 based (Mint 9) uses the old one before the remerge into Unity!
on 10.10+ based (Mint 10 and up) the Netbook-LauncherEFL is similar UI for 2D and based on the "Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (thou it doesn't like to screen rotate)

P.S. I use the meta package in Mint 9LTS on a old HP TC1100 Tablet (mostly web surf, simple games/distractions and E-Book reading (Nook book for PC running under wine/crossover)
6 years ago

Yes it makes very much sense when Windows-8 base ARM tablets are out in market.
Thank you for your appreciation andrex.
6 years ago

I agree, but all tablets is working with ARM chipset, and exist Debian for ARM architecture so I think that build (make) Mint sources for ARM, it could be a way. Please see the link
I will be happy if it is possible.
7 years ago

well... sounds interesting to have maybe a Linux Mint based on MeeGo in future! ;-)  
7 years ago

I think there should be a bit of "restful observation" to see where this tablet-stuff is going to lead, and then (if ever) develop something more mature with the mint phylosophy in mind.  
7 years ago

I thing is better a meego based version instead an ubuntu network edition based.  

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