Linux Mint version of Ubuntu Netbook Remix

  9 years ago

Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) is a version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution that has been optimized to make it to work better on netbooks and other devices with small screens or with the Intel Atom computer processor.

UNR has been available since Ubuntu release 8.04 ("Hardy Heron"). UNR is an optional preinstalled operating system (OS) on some netbooks such as Dell Inspiron Mini 10v and the Toshiba NB100, and also runs on popular models such as the Acer Aspire One and the ASUS Eee PC.

I like the Linux Mint releases but they are not set up for smaller screen sizes like 1024x600. Often in Linux Mint a window will open and the 'cancel' or 'ok' buttons will be off the screen and Alt-click will not let one move the window so you can click the buttons.

I am currently using Ubuntu 9.10 UNR on an ASUS eeePC 901.
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blueXrider 8 years ago

Well in the last year things have moved along. What you wanted is here today

AllGamer 8 years ago

UNR is no longer necessary in v11.04, just enable the UNITY and set it to BIG buttons in Compiz, it works quite nicely on Tablets with touch screens.

However IMO I still prefer the big button user interface from EasyPeasy which is jet another variant of Ubuntu.

now if Mint can offer an optiona similar big button interface like EasyPeasy, then it's a WIN!

Mint will become the best user friendly Linux OS for the masses.

I prefer the desktop clean look of mint over cluttered ubuntu default desktop.

I have practically replaced all my desktops with Mint, and notebooks/tablets with a mix of Mint + Unity, Server wise i still run clean ubuntu server.

AJAY-TECH 8 years ago

Looks like there is no more UNR they just have the one version.
Ubuntu saw that mint was better keep up the good work team.

henrydubb 8 years ago

I have a netbook but never liked the netbooked editions anyway. I am running Mint Main on 10" screen and it looks great. I have my AWN on the left, and panel with global menu at top. It is far better that any Unity.

So, what does a netbook edition offer anyway?

OldGreyGuy 8 years ago

Currently running the standard edition (32 bit) of Linux Mint 10 on a HP Netbook Mini 110 and it is as fast enough for the platform, no delays, all the hardware works out of the box. I had tried UNR on this same netbok and it worked well but was too slow and didn't fit the screen real estate very well.

Only found a couple of panels where it all doesn't fit in and Alt-Click has worked for all of these.

Troken 8 years ago

Oh, and don't glance too much on JoliOS, even though it has the looks, its impossible to work with as soon as you want to do some file management! Don't make the same mistake! (I know how to reach Nautilus, however, its should be easy to find it without the terminal).

Troken 8 years ago

I'd like to see a netbook-edition! Right now im using Easy Peasy instead, but will switch to a Linux Mint Netbook-edition right away if it published!

johnsmith2000 9 years ago

Ubuntu is moving towards a single version from 11.04 onward. So, there is really no point in developing this idea any further.

ahsan366 9 years ago

With the new gnome shell coming for gnome 3 i dont think there will be any need for a netbook interface. Furthermore the unity interface on the netbook version sucks as it is too sluggish. Its better to move to a netbook distro like jolicloud if u use ur netbook a lot and face a lot of resolution issues, but u will loose a lot including stability and app packages. Plasma netbook(kde) looked really great but its so buggy that its almost useless.

podiboq 9 years ago

jahwarrior4179 9 years ago

I recently tried the ubuntu netbook Unity and am not impressed. IT is eye candy and looks sweet but I agree with Wykedengel, plus it is slower on a netbook than Julia. So if there is a mint netbook I hope it is as fast as Julia.

wykedengel 9 years ago

While I think version of Linux Mint is needed for netbooks, I wouldn't jump on the Unity bandwagon yet. While it's a good idea in theory, its current version is obtrusive, clunky and wastes valuable screen real estate. If there is going to be a netbook version, these things need to be taken into consideration. Mint is an awesome distro--I'm currenly using LMDE--and providing a version optimized for netbooks would be a great addition to the family.

jahwarrior4179 9 years ago

I am running Mint 10 on a gateway LT21. Got sick of Windows 7 starter freezing up and now I am hooked. Mint, as is, works great on my netbook. Some of 3D games don't play very well, but that is to be expected. I am a newb but loving the adventure so far.

rick1959 9 years ago

I'm FOR anything that improves the promotion of Linux Mint and offers more usefulness to the current and potential user.

Currently I use Linux Mint on my Lenovo S10 (no dash) with tremendous, positive results: I'm home!!!

Also, I have Dell Mini 9 with 8GB flash that I use with Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition and would LOVE to switch to Linux Mint version. Need that reduced configuration to work on the tiny flash drive....

And, how about switching to AbiWord from OpenOffice for the Linux Mint Netbook Edition to save space, while maintaining quality of operation?

No matter what, Linux Mint has my FULL support!!! Thanks!

Sannaj 9 years ago

I also support an netbook edition of mint.
MeeGo and UNR are both great layouts.
UNR is currently not implicated well for netbooks and many people which disagree would like to use it. So it would be a nice solution for people dislike Ubuntu Unity.
MeeGo based on LM would bring this nice desktop layout into the Ubuntu like package systems.

I agree with Linux Mint Lxde and Linux Mint Fluxbox as nice and fast desktop environments, but they aren't suitable for the small screens of netbooks, so we need a special version for them.

kaddy 9 years ago

I have also suggested a netbook version of Mint. Either using the MeeGo interface or the classic Ubuntu-netbook interface that Oz Unity OS is currently using.
check it out

houcem 9 years ago

I totally agree, a Mint spin of UNR would be great

jessie0514 9 years ago

Yap I think that is nice. But I think Linux Mint Lxde desktop will be just fine on a netbook since it has the least requirement as per system is concern and yet very effective even running live. Maybe a few changes in the design of the desktop itself. Maybe an i-pad looking theme.

Ki3rk3gaard 9 years ago

Yeah and use a dim. version of the name like Julia's contemporary would be jewl case sensitive and all.

Ki3rk3gaard 9 years ago

Yeah and use a dim. version of the name like Julia's contemporary would be jewl case sensitive and all.