Keep VirtualBox (and other software in the Featured category) up to date

  8 years ago

The actual version of VirtualBox is only 3.1.6 and the upstream version is 3.2.8.

I would be interested in a way to keep the software in the Featured category as up to date as possible by using the Software Manager.
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ckristi 7 years ago

@viking777: it's not about upgrading to the latest and greatest version, but the usual security and bugfix updates which seem to be missing for some of the "Featured" applications in the LM repository.

viking777 7 years ago

For every person that craves up to date software there is another that craves stability - the two do not go hand in hand. You have to find the solution for you that best fits your desires. As to the package in question, at the present moment in time Ubuntu Oneiric (on which Mint 12 is based) has virtualbox 4.1.2 in its package archive
Mint 12 has virtualbox 4.1.6 in its archive
So I would say that Mint is doing an OK job myself and this is the reason for rejecting this idea.

ckristi 7 years ago

@Elisa: I was referring to at least security updates. Jumping from one version to another doesn't seem fit, indeed.

Elisa 7 years ago

* correction - having the 3.2 version (not 3.5) :D

Elisa 7 years ago

I do agree w. remoulder - if u wanna have Vbox latest, do it yourself because => especially VBox, the latest 4.x version sux even more of the RAM :-(
So I have rather 3.5 than the 4.x...

kazztan0325 7 years ago

I don't know why the Featured software category seems to lag behind official updates, but it is a problem as you said.

ckristi 7 years ago

@kazztan0325: As I previously said I know I can download the package manually. What I find not ok is the fact that the Featured software category seems to lag behind official updates.

kazztan0325 8 years ago

You can download from VirtualBox official site and install latest version of Virtualbox.
Download VirtualBox

ckristi 8 years ago

I am wondering if there is any automatic way to keep those software updated.

I know I can update them manually but the lack of time and the "fear" not to break anything by manually updating is keeping me from doing this. How do you manage this situation? Your input would be very helpful.

remoulder 8 years ago

@ckristi: thanks, I stand corrected not having read the post fully, the featured software is indeed in the mint import repo. However the rest of the comment still applies, that if a later version than in the repos is required one generally has to install it manually.

ckristi 8 years ago

@remoulder: I am afraid you are mistaken. The most part of the softwares in the "Featured software" category is not part of the Ubuntu repositories. They're part of the Linux Mint repository (Picasa & Virtualbox non-OSE, for example).

Also, I did not asked to be the latest version, just to be kept as up to date as possible.

remoulder 8 years ago

Mint uses the ubuntu repos, you need to ask this question of the ubuntu devs, but generally repos are not kept up to date in this way as it would be an impossible task. If you need more recent versions of an app you need to install directly or if one exists add a PPA to your software sources. Ask in the forums for help