Numerous small site interface bits.

  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

Just some things I've noticed...
1) Had to mod my avatar for a jpeg, would LOVE png support :)
2) When viewing an idea: it'd be nice to have a "back to list" type of button vs. hitting back or going community > ideas again.
3) Give people the ability to add another distro-of-choice to their profiles either along with or instead of one of the two mint related options (release / edition) I.E. I'm an Arch/Mint guy ;)
4) Give a place for links to community sponsored sites. I saw an awesome spanish site by IRC member JE (I believe) and I and a few others occasionally post on mint-related stuff on our sites.
5) Email system not running right? Took >24 hours to recieve an email from root AT linuxmint DOT com for this site's registration.

Outside of those mostly small things: sweet deal! Site is extremely nice and a wonderful idea!
(Side Note: I love the LACK of smilies, please leave turning them off an option to us should you decide to add them like everyone else has.)
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Qruqs 6 years ago

1. Don't care.
2. In Fx I use the mouse wheel click on the link (Ctrl-click should produce the same result), and Ctrl-W to close the tab it produces. IMO unnecessary to do anything.
3. Don't care.
4. So, you want more traffic to your site by having links to it from this? That's what I read from it.
5. That's a support question, IMO.

I agree about the smilies.

blueXrider 8 years ago

After reading the idea / ideas. There are still things that need to be addressed.

The status of this post is still under "NEW". Moderators? What's going on?

Because I think some of this has merit, give it a vote.

orionthehunter 9 years ago

Please separate your ideas.

killmess 9 years ago

Png ftw!

oco13 9 years ago

I specially like 2) and 3).

jkw 9 years ago

1. PNG should be prioritized over JPG _any day_.
2. Maybe add Breadcrumbs? (More info: )
3. Been promoted several times.
4. Sounds like a good idea.
5. I got mine instantly. I think it comes down to the person registerings email service. Not the actual system behind the registration on this site.

Pariah 10 years ago

Minty Links! love it!

ArcherSeven 10 years ago

ArcherSeven said: “Ya. Didn't want to scatter it around, though.” meant for adaemox

adaemox 10 years ago

Good ideas, but all lumped together is annoying.

HANAX 10 years ago

agree on 2)

rekik 10 years ago

I strongly agree with 2) and 3)

dawgdoc 10 years ago

My response is almost identical to KittyKat and Lumenary. Although I have FreeNas instead of Arch on another box.

Lumenary 10 years ago

Oops... Got mixed up - switch (3.) and (4.) above.

Lumenary 10 years ago

(1.) Ditto. (2.) Ditto. (3.) Ditto. (4.) List should allow users to list multiple alternate distros, not just one. (5.) Did not have this problem; received email in less than 15 seconds after registering.

ArcherSeven 10 years ago

Oh; and a place to show of our Mint and non-Mint desktops :P. Everyone likes to be cocky every now and then ;)

KittyKatt 10 years ago

1.) PNG is very nice. Must agree.
2.) Convenient. I like it.
3.) VERY Nice. Mint/Arch guy here, too. But you already knew that. :D
4.) This would be nice, giving the community supported Mint sites a little more traffic and notice.
5.) I got my email immediately. :P

Promote. +1