Network proxy

  9 years ago

It would be nice and very helpful to have a global button like in ubuntu for a system-wide config change if you have to use a proxy gateway for net access.

I just set that up in the control panel, and then launched the package manager and noticed that the settings didn't replicate like in ubuntu.

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casel 7 years ago

system wide proxy is not available anymore in Mint 14 Mate. As a result, apt-get, google chrome and other applications are not able to access the internet.

casel 7 years ago

I could not find this option in Mint 14 Mate. :(

RayWoods 8 years ago

There is a tick box "Available to all Users" at the bottom of the window when editing Network Connections.

New > Implemented

quake0 8 years ago

Is this like tor?

hiku 9 years ago

Sorry, guess I should have said that. LMDE.


remoulder 9 years ago

Which version of Mint are you referring to? The proxy app in Mint 9 is exactly the same as that in Ubuntu 10.4, there is an "Apply System Wide" button near the bottom.