Wallpaper Ideas for Linux Mint

  9 years ago

So anyways I've seen about a million digital wallpapers in my day. Thats usually all that even seems to exist anymore...

...thats why I think it would be a great idea to get artists (especially marginal experimental artists) to help design some new wall papers using techniques such as collage, painting, watercolor, etc. The digital ones are cool too, but it would be nice to have some variety by adding two or three that are more like my suggestion.

Maybe afterward there could even be a vote on which ones are the best or something.

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oscar799 7 years ago

I'm marking this idea "Considered"

Lithos 8 years ago

I certainly know a few who would love to get involved

David_Frost 8 years ago

Awesome site thank you so much for sharing

blueXrider 8 years ago

Might want to go here:


orionthehunter 9 years ago

I assume the OP meant including scans as well as digital works. Sure... if they're friendly licensed.

David_Frost 9 years ago

Here is a picture that I found of the kind of thing I was thinking about...but in this case maybe with penguins and mint leaves in a predominantly green color choice.


David_Frost 9 years ago

sure I'll try and find some that are close enough to give an idea

Xyie 9 years ago

Different techniques would add much to the variety and potential quality of background choices. I like this idea. Don't forget photos!

David_Frost 9 years ago

defintly especially if they are predominantly green and look like mail art collages.

heltonbiker 9 years ago

Wallpapers: the more, the better!