LMDE: Add Chromium Browser to LMDE Repository

  12 years ago

Unfortunately Debian has removed it from Testing because of the incompatible Release / Support Cycle, but for a rolling release like LMDE this is not an issue. As a workaround you can install Chromium from an Ubuntu PPA or Debian Unstable, but this solution is not nice for the end user.

So my proposal would be to add the "stable" version of Chromium (synced with the stable version of Google Chrome) to the LMDE repos, so that it can be installed easily using Mint Software Center or Synaptic.
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RayWoods 10 years ago

I've just been into LMDE 201204 RC, which I have running in VB. Chrome browser is in the Software Manager...

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gudmund 11 years ago

Great idea!
It's frustrating to use old software, especially when it is a web browser. (Web technology develops fast)
The same should be done for Firefox. (I had to install FF4 manually)

justin 12 years ago

I have a script for this currently and am working to get it into the repos if possible.

gotjazz 12 years ago

I am absolutely SO for that :) - I mean it's not so hard to grab it from sid but that way you'd neither have to play around with apt-pinning nor manualy change your sources just to check for chromium updates...