Focus on making LinuxMint very usable offline

  12 years ago

Try to cover all the basic needs (like document editing, audio/video playback, etc), making Linux Mint ideal for offline use:

- possibility to use a local repository containing all essential drivers that are available;

- make use of Portable Apps that usually do not require the install of dependencies (see for example the RUNZ framework);

- make installers that can be used offline, unlike many .deb files (use SuperDeb Creator to create SuperDebs that can be installed offline).
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Goro_Daimon 10 years ago

Yes like PBI installer for PCBSD or DMG of MacOSX, without ask dependencies like Solus OS in the future and support RUNZ framework to install portables applications

zaenal1234 11 years ago

very good.

dandv 12 years ago

Why did this idea have a score of -2 before I voted on it?

It makes perfect sense.