community how-to (tips) section and Tip Of Day

  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

Many times we had troubles with new app to install it, compile, make it run smoothly, etc... So when after success one usually write some info what to do next time. Or simply we find some interesting utility to do something.

So after some time one has a some kind of knowledge how to quickly do specific tasks. I know we have tutorial section for that, but IMHO (as it's name suggests) is for longer educational explanation with examples. Maybe we could have some HOW-TO or TIPS section in community site. TIP = few lines (with example) of how to do specific task quickly, which may be useful for the others. Sure, it should be categorized into reasonable width and depth.

In form of "Tip Of Day" it will be interesting knowledge-passing feature and we can learn some useful tricks simply by visiting community site.
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dagon 8 years ago

new -> considered

Also see idea 1539 which is a duplicate idea:

tihomir 9 years ago

We have Tutorials,that should serve the purpose.We have comments in Hardware and Software sections and that should serve the purpose.We have nice ,clean setup on this site and should keep it elegant,not bloated.

HANAX 9 years ago

This tip of day can also be shown on ours Mint system at startup... like wel known old-school "did you know?" style dialog :)

thx1138 9 years ago

A good start.
BTW: I'd like to see a wiki; i have no idea why a very popular distro like LM stopped to use a wiki as a common and well known source for documentation.